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What are some types of Disasters?

  • Riots

  • Floods

  • Tornadoes

  • Terrorism

  • Draught

  • Fires

  • Tsunami

  • Hurricanes


  • Flash Floods

  • Earth Quakes

  • Meteor Strike?

  • Pestilence

  • War

  • Sever Snow Storm

  • Rain Storms

    These are just a few of them.

I have done the research and put this E-book together for you and your loved ones. Yes you can spend hours upon hours on the web and researching this info, but do you have the time, I have done it and it has taken me a considerable amount of time. I have also priced this so that every family can have the book.

Additionally I will E-mail you updates on new tips as I receive them, some of these will be sent to you once you have purchased you book.

Are you REALLY ready for the next Disaster ?

First thing you must be aware of, is that you will be on your own. Police and Fire will generally be overwhelmed, roads and bridges will be out, phone lines down, electricity off,  there is chaos and complete disruption of all the emergency equipment and units. You should be ready to be self sufficient for 7 days.

Remember  even the first responders have families and needs, and I as a former first responder always took care of my family first. Then I headed into work.

  • Do you or your family have specific medical needs?

  • Do you have elderly family members?

  • Do you have a minimum of one week supply of drinking water?

  • Do you know what dry goods to store?

  • Do you have a home First Aid Kit? Do you know what to put in it?

  • Are you armed? Can you Protect you and your family for the first week or so?

  • Generators will not work without gas!

  • Do you know who to properly sterilize or store Drinking water?

  • Do you know how to properly store food to keep fresh and the bugs out?

  • Are you mentally prepared for what you will have to do to survive and keep you family safe?

If you live in a big city like New Orleans, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York in the event of an Emergency you can forget making a last minute evacuation, you'll die in a traffic grid lock!

I will also provide you with some of the following:

  • Alternative cooking methods

  • Temporary Shelters & Ideas

  • Car Mini-Survival Kit

  • Personal Weapons & Ammunition

I will also tell you what to do "After the Disaster" and provide you with many related emergency links.

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Disaster Related Links to give aid. Click HERE Tsunami death toll climbs above 140,000.

Natural Disasters, Tsunami, Terrorism, Earthquakes, Floods, Fires, Riots, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Snow Storms, Home Protection,  Power Outages, and More....

I want you to have this, FREE Water Purification Formulas!
& Water Storage tips

How to Purify drinking water, preserve drinking water for storage, &
household emergency water sources. Just enter your name and E-mail
address and the information will be immediately E-mailed to you.


Remember that when a disaster occurs whether man made or an act of God, emergency personnel will be stretched to the limit. Also we have families, relatives, friends and even pets that we must also keep safe and watch out for.

You are making a serious mistake if you turn a blind eye and believe that your local or federal government can and will even be able to provide everything that you need.

I have done my research and homework and am the survivor of many of these events, and have put this book together to assist you, Mom and Dad as well as everyone else to get through the next disaster as best as humanly possible. It simply a matter of being well prepared and knowing what to do.

Most importantly you after purchasing this book will be able to provide a much better level of comfort to you family, and lower family members and your anxiety level and have a sense of confidence that you will be as prepared as possible until the disaster is over and most importantly for the days following until power, water, medical and transportation systems are back up running.

Never forget the wise old adage that an ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of cure.

* How to protect You Your family *

Contents Include

      Home survival
      Needed supplies
      Food preparation
      Water purification
      Water storage
      Dry food storage
      Weaponry & ammunition
      First Aid & what you need
      What to do & much more!


I will additionally provide you with Information on:

  • Chemical Information

  • National Security Information

  • Preparation for Biological or Chemical Attack

  • Nuclear & Radiological Attack

  • What to do Before the Disaster

  • And what to do After the Disaster
    has occurred! Some Resources <= Free to you!

Information compiled by and written by Mike Chilton. Former U.S. Marine
and retired police officer from a major metropolitan city. Former SWAT
officer among other accreditations. Survivor of the L.A. Riots, L.A.
Earthquakes, Floods, Fires and such

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